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Manage your Church Services amid COVID 19 with ease

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SynergyCMS - User Guide for PIWC-Atomic

First Time Login for Members with accurate phone number or email address.

  • Enter your Username (Phone Number or Email Address) with the Church and click on Verify Account
  • Once your Username is verified, enter your preferred Password to generate your complete login credentials
  • Click on Sign-in to enter your Username and Password to login to the Membership Portal for church service booking and more
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Plainless and Seamless organisation from the Headquaters to the very last Local Assembly, aggregated data management and rich church live community for church authorities and the christ family.

Dynamic setup functionalities

SynergyCMS offers a wide range of services, from the seamless management of a single church or assembly to the end-to-end administration of a global or multifaceted church organization..

Advance booking for church services

Welcome your congregation ahead of time to help plan your services with an effective contact tracing mechanism.

Manage all church activities

Be able to dynamically create and manage all church activities and stakeholders with ease using a role-tailored system admin and end-user privileges.

Impressive church reports and statistics

Generate diverse reports and statistics on your church members, programs, operations and administration and build your own custom reports with ease.

Rich Admin Console

From the HQ to Local Assembly, manage all from a single admin console.